Building Muscle Against the Grain

Sometimes you have to go against the herd because it makes more sense for you, even if everyone else is going the other way. It’s the same with building muscles, where some counter intuitive moves can often help you while everyone is busy straining with heavy sets and trainer-approved workouts.

For instance, when everyone else is taking protein shakes and supplements, you can start with milk. It’s one of the best natural sources of balanced nutrition and helps babies grow fast and fat. It will do the same for you, but you can skip some of the fat with skimmed milk that gives you the proteins and vitamins without the fattening impact of dairy products.

Another thing you can do is to favor one side instead of doing heavy workouts that put equal strain on both sides of your body. You don’t usually do that in your everyday life. Whether you’re at work or carrying groceries or cleaning dishes at home, every one tends to do more of the work with your strong side.

There’s no reason why you can’t follow the same thing in your workouts. Build the strength and muscles of your favored side because that’s what your body and mind needs. The other side will follow along naturally, as the body transfers some of that strength and grows muscle cells to match the stronger side.

Take a lot of sugar at appropriate times. One wouldn’t usually tell anyone to take more sugar as a health fix. But in this case, it’s essential at certain moments such as just after a workout. Taking a huge swig of a protein shake after a heavy workout isn’t going to send all that protein to your muscles by default. The body also needs insulin at the moment to direct the protein into yours muscles. If your protein shake includes enough sugar, then it will work a lot better in helping your muscles recover after the workout.

Most people also stick with the same workout routine every day. But that usually means some muscles are getting a solid workout while others are just coasting along and won’t grow as much as you want for overall body muscle growth. What you need to do is start the workout at different places, instead of following the same order.

If you start with the chest and then the legs, you might want to flip it upside down the next week. Whichever muscle gets prime time in a week is sure to be shocked into growth mode, and it will continue even after it gets pushed back in the order in the following weeks.