Insanely Effective Diet Tricks To Build Muscle Strength

The key to a body-builder’s diet is to stay in an anabolic state. This anabolic state is a kind of building mode where your body’s little construction crew puts on its hard hats and goes to work making your grow bigger. This only happens after meals when the body has enough energy and other nutrients to supply your activities as well as grow the body at the same time.

The point here is to maintain this anabolic state throughout the day by eating 4-5 or more meals instead of your regulation three meals. Every time you eat, you can put that construction crew inside you to work until they run out of proteins and other raw materials they need.

By the same token, sleep is another critical time when you’re not burning any energy on your activities and all your body parts and systems are at rest. So the construction crew goes at it hammer and tongs, doing all kinds of repair work and patchups that aren’t possible when you’re awake. The point, once again, is to give your crew the proteins and nutrients they need at night through mid-night snacks and supplements taken just before you sleep.

Proteins are the most vital element of your diet when it comes to muscle building. A protein is comprised of some two dozen amino acids, and nearly half of them can’t be produced within the body. This means you have to get them through your food and drinks. This means you have to figure out which amino acids your needs which it is not getting in your current diet, and then add foods that do have it.

For example, there’s one amino acid called leucine which is highly important for muscle for protein synthesis and muscle repair. You can get your daily dose of leucine by eating lean portion of meats and poultry. You can get 3-4 grams of leucine with a pork loin chop or beef fillet. Most fish meals will also give you a healthy dose of leucine.

Speaking of fish, they’re an excellent source of omega3 fatty acids. So if you eat lots of fish and take fish oil as a supplement, it’s going to boost your immune system and help your tired and worn out muscles recover and grow much faster than usual. You need to take a minimum of fish like salmon and sardines at least twice a week.

But don’t just OD on proteins while ignoring carbs, green veggies and fruits. You need a balanced diet where the body gets its energy from the carbs you eat and enhanced digestive capabilities from the antioxidants in the fruits and veggies. Even fat intake is essential to keep your brain and central nervous system functioning smoothly. Don’t make the mistake of confusing a weight loss diet with an insanely fast muscle building diet. The latter basically requires you to be a ravenous creature that will consume anything edible within reach.